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Thunderbolt is going to change the world - you heard it here first. Much like USB did over the last decade, Thunderbolt is the new I/O technology that is going to revolutionize the future PC industry. Thunderbolt supports a variety of devices from high-resolution displays to high-performance devices like hard drives, all through one very compact little port. This new port is going to set the new and futuristic standard for speed, ease of use, and flexbility.

Intel is working on the project, currently with Apple, Inc. You can already find the Thunderbolt port on the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro (two ports on the Retina model), iMac, and the Mac mini. While many PC manufacturers thus far have opted to utilize USB 3 over Thunderbolt, we believe that will change in the near future.

As we noted, Intel is a key player in this. Intel was a founding co-inventor for both USB and PCI Express, both of which have become mainstream technologies for data transfer. On the other hand, it was Apple that produced FireWire and was an instrumental player in popularizing USB. The collaboration between Intel and Apple isn't surprising, but we believe PC manufacturers aren't going to be far behind.

Below you can read up on this technology in more detail.

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