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The mission of PROnetworks is simple: to provide our visitors, both guests as well as those who register to post on the forums, with superior news, support, and information while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for our international community. Our unique relationship with Microsoft as a 'Featured Community' has allowed us to attend conferences and special VIP events. This allows us to keep our members informed with the most up-to-date information on programs such as Windows and other related software technologies.

PROnetworks has also become well known for our popular award winning Windows booting software application, DualBootPRO. This program simplifies the boot manger of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, allowing users to easily modify entries in the boot configuration file. It also allows users to easily set up their computer to dual boot between Windows 7 or Windows Vista and a legacy operating system, like Windows XP. DualBootPRO has been featured in many publications worldwide including both 'PC' & 'PC World' Magazines.

We are proud to be a leading source for Windows news and support, as well as for other Betas and software. Please check our news pages for up-to-date information on Windows software and other tech-related stories, and please click "Register" to register and use our support forums. PROnetworks was founded in March 2001, by the President, John Derrick. Today the company is also run by Senior Vice President of Software, Jason Bullard and Senior Vice President of Technology, Larry Richman.

PROnetworks is a subsidiary of Ecowai, LLC and Tradewind Creations, L.L.C., owned and operated by John and Victoria Derrick, in Lexington, SC.


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