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Woo Hoo

Woo Hoo

Postby djdabaer » Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:00 am

I am glad to see this new section up soooo QUICK. Yet another example as to why YOU GUYS ROCK. This was a little pet idea I had, and now, WOW its here. I am by no means a scripting expert, I wanna learn more from everyone else. First thing in the morning my time, I will be on here posting my A$$ off with links to material that I found useful. I am good with ASP, and learning SQL. But I wanna know who out there can help a poo white boy with PHP?????

Hope this flies......

-Jeremy ^*^ ^*^ :woot :woot
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Postby kanaloa » Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:30 am

I've love to learn more about SQL, bc we use it a lot at work and they've been on me about using it for Access Databases, something I know NOTHING about bc I've never taken the SCDOT courses relating to it yet.

Any info on that would be great too. ASP is also what they use there, so I could easily learn a lot that would benefit me here and I look forward to where this section goes.

Maybe the one time Computer Engineering major can still learn a few programming tricks, even though he's long since quit that major, LOL.
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Postby eddiemacdonald42 » Wed May 19, 2004 9:19 am

I know a bit about ASP and alot about SQL and TONS about access. I will post some links for you tommorrow
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