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Windows Vista (Build 5456) Installation Guide

Windows Vista (Build 5456) Installation Guide

Postby gries818 » Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:28 pm

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[align=center]Windows Vista 5456

Installation Guide

The PROnetworks Betas Team is proud to present our Official Installation Guide for Windows Vista Build 5456.

Unfortunately, unless you are one of the Microsoft Beta Testers, you will not be able to download this build, but if you were quick enough to get into the Vista Beta 2 CPP, then additional information on downloading Windows Vista Beta 2 is provided

HERE !!![/url][/align]


<a id="index">INDEX</a>

1. <a href="#sysreqs">Recommended Minimum System Requirements </a>
2. <a href="#filenames">Official Filenames </a>
3. <a href="#installation">Windows Vista Installation</a>
4. <a href="#setup">Windows Vista Setup Methods</a>
5. <a href="#postinstall">Post Installation</a>
6. <a href="#remove">Remove Vista from the System</a>
7. <a href="#preinstall">Windows Vista Installation Notes</a>

<a id="sysreqs">[align=center]RECOMMENDED AND MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS[/align]</a>
[align=center]*CPU 1.5 GHz*
*RAM 512 MB*
*GPU with DirectX 9 Capabilities*
*HDD 20-40 GB NTFS Formatted*

These are the PROnetworks recommended minimum system requirements for the installation of Windows Vista Build 5456. Additional information on Vista hardware requirements can be found by viewing the Vista Hardware Requirements & Supported Hardware


<a id="filenames">[align=center]OFFICIAL FILE NAMES[/align]</a>

These are the official file names that were released for Windows Vista 5456 by Microsoft via the Microsoft Connect website to Beta testers, and to MSDN subscribers. Vista Build 5456 is NOT a public release.

Windows Vista 5456
32-Bit DVD:
Connect : 0x80E3B54D vista_5456.5.060620-1700_winmain_idx03_x86fre_client-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso

64-Bit DVD:
Connect : 0x0D680F43 vista_5456.5.060620-1700_winmain_x64fre_client-LB2CxFRE_EN_DVD.iso


<a id="installation">[align=center]WINDOWS VISTA INSTALLATION[/align]</a>

NOTE: This Installation Guide has been written for Windows Vista. Windows Longhorn is installed using somewhat similar procedures, but final Setup is rather different to that of Windows Vista. Longhorn setup has some similarities to Setup in Windows Server 2003 R2, and if you are familiar with that Windows version, setting up Longhorn Server should not pose too much of a challenge, although the number of post-setup options has been significantly increased.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows Vista is a BETA operating system and you should therefore be careful before attempting to use it as a primary operating system -- data loss and other problems may occur --- but starting with Windows Vista Beta 2, Vista now provides enough stability for casual users to attempt this, and both the PROnetworks Betas Team and the PROnetworks Support Team provide help and support for those attempting to use Vista a Main OS. However, PROnetworks will continue to recommend dualboot installations, unless the installation is to take place on an independent test computer, or on a computer purposely designed for the new Windows version.

Data corruption by Vista (Or any operating system) is always a possibility (as is the case when using any Beta software), although it has become unlikely with the most recent builds. PROnetworks cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system that may occur as a result of your choosing to install Vista to your primary computer, although starting with Windows Vista Beta 2, the risk of catastrophic failure is minimal.

<a id="drivenotes">DISKS & PARTITIONING</a>

IMPORTANT WARNING FOR ADVANCED USERS: Windows Vista uses a new version of the NTFS file system; therefore third-party partitioning software can, sometimes, cause serious errors when combined with Windows Vista. Hard drives including Windows Vista system partitions should NOT be partitioned using third-party XP-era partitioning software such as Partition Magic or Acronis. Native Windows XP partitioning tools should be used instead, and are accessed through the Disk Management console.

Please note that while Windows Vista does have enhanced abilities to partition and format your HDD during setup, it has been pointed out that UNALLOCATED HDD SPACE ON AN EXTENDED DRIVE will NOT be recognized by Vista and users should create a Logical drive and format this drive from within XP using the Disk Management console before continuing setup.


Note that drivers can be installed from floppies, USB Flash memory sticks, CD or DVD. Please restrict drivers loading at this stage to necessary SATA/RAID controllers and other essential device drivers. Other drivers can simply be installed post-setup.

A protocol has been implemented in Windows Vista x64 (only) requiring that ONLY digitally signed drivers are used with the x64 Vista Operating System, and we strongly recommend that you do NOT attempt to load any unsigned drivers during the initial setup of Windows Vista x64, although older builds of Vista included a workaround for this restriction.


<a id="setup">[align=center]WINDOWS VISTA SETUP METHODS[/align]</a>


NOTE: To avoid repetitition, only the x86 is described here, and any differences between the x64 method are noted. Also, this method assumes users know how to set their DVD drive as the first boot device.

Upon booting the Vista 5456 DVD, users will see:

1. A grey progress strip at bottom of screen with the text "Windows is loading files..."

2. A mostly blank splash screen with silver running progress bars, which will "blank" the screen momentarily, and the Aurora background with a dialog box titled "Install Windows" and three settings choices to make:

a) Installation Language
b) Time and Currency Format
c) Keyboard Language

3. After making the above selections, users have the choice to:

a) Install Now", which is the largest button and selection text
b) What to know before installing Windows (Includes a Microsoft guide
on installing Vista Beta 2)
c) System Recovery Options

<img src="http://parcom.pro-networks.org/images/vistaInstallNowBeta2.jpg" border="0">

4. After selecting "Install Now", users will be prompted to "Insert Product Key"; type carefully. :lol:

5. Users will then have to "Accept Licence Agreement" or not accept the agreement and exit the installation.
NOTE: At this point, users will see a green progress bar divided into 2 unequal sections; "Collecting Information"(1) and "Installing Windows"(2).

6. ONLY the Custom (Advanced) selection is available when booting from DVD, and the "Upgrade" will be greyed out and not selectable.

7. After selecting the "Custom" installation, users will be able to select the drive/partition to install Vista to (preformated recommended but the drive can be formated by going to the "Drive Options (Advanced)" tab. <a href="#drivenotes">SEE NOTE ON DISKS AND PARTITIONING</a>
From this screen users will also be able to use the Load Driver function to load RAID and SATA controller drivers and to load system and other device drivers if they are on the "ROOT" of the usb flash drive/CD/DVD or other removable media.

8. The Windows Vista installation process now starts with a dialog box titled "Install Windows", which will proceed as follows:

a) Copying files
b) Expanding files (NO RESTART on Boot from DVD procedure)
e) Install Features and Updates then 1st restart
NOTE: On installation restarts-DO NOT TOUCH ANY KEYS or otherwise interrupt the installation
f) After this restart, a grey DOS like screen appears and tells the user
"Please wait while Windows prepares to start..." then will launch
into "Completing Installation" and the final installation restart.
g) The final installation restart will boot to the first of several final
setup screens where users will select their individual settings based
on area, time, and their system specifics.

9. Final Setup Screens before the Windows Vista 5456 "Start":

a) Country or Region, and Keyboard Layout
b) Choose a Username and Picture (Password is optional)
c) Type a computername and choose a Desktop background
d) Help protect Windows automatically (Auto Update settings)
e) Review Time/Date settings; includes Time Zone, Date, Time
f) You're Ready to Start! button

10. On the first boot to the Vista 5456 desktop, a "New Display Detected" dialog box appears; users with a single monitor/display may safely Close(X) this dialog box.


NOTE: This installation section assumes the user is running XP x64 or another 64-bit operating system when attempting to install Vista x64 and vice-versa for installing the x86 version of Vista. This method will only work with the hardware specific operating system (x86 or x64) user is attempting to install (User cannot install x64 Vista from XP x86) nor should users attempt to install x86 Vista from XP x64)

This installation method is easily started by either putting the Vista 5456 DVD disk in the drive and waiting for the Autorun sequence to begin, or for the Hard Disk method, locate the drive where the Vista installation files were copied and execute the "setup.exe program.

From this point, the installation procedure is nearly identical to the "Boot from DVD" installation method, with a few noted differences:

a) After "Copying Files" and going into "Extracting Files", the installation will reboot the computer after the "Extracting Files" portion reaches approximately 27%, and will continue to extract files and finish the Vista installation upon restarting, as noted in the "Boot from DVD" method.

NOTE: Regardless of the installation method chosen, when the Vista installation procedure restarts the computer, DO NOT TOUCH ANY KEYS or otherwise interrupt the installation.

ISO Mounting Method [Daemon Tools] (Advanced Users ONLY)

NOTE: This procedure is limited to x86 installations only, as Daemon Tools is not currently supported in Vista x64.

This method is similar to running setup from within Windows from a DVD. To use this method you must download Daemon Tools (NOTE: When installing Daemon Tools, be sure to uncheck the auxiliary software bundled in the package).

To install Windows Vista open up the Daemon Tools program. The program will open an icon on the system toolbar. Right click this icon and select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM and select Device0: [X:] No Media (where X: is the drive letter assigned to your virtual drive), and click mount Image.

After you have mounted your Vista ISO image file, the Windows Vista Setup dialog box should appear.

Before selecting "Install Now", close all open programs and close any antivirus or anti-spyware blocking software, including security programs, as theses are known to interfere with the installation of Vista. From this point, the setup procedure is identical to the other installation methods.

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