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Windows 8 Release Preview (RC), Build 8400 Install & Testing

Re: Windows 8 Release Preview (RC), Build 8400 Install & Tes

Postby kanaloa » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:18 am

I used the downloader/checker in my duplicate Win7 setup and it finally installed :lol:

It's pretty cool so far, I like what I'm seeing - clearly built for touch screen, but has some nice new features. Big departure in some aspects from previous Windows, but some neat new stuff honestly.

Still never got the option to do a clean install, weird.

I think Windows 7 gives OS X a good run for its money, but Windows 8 certainly might do more than that depending on how the Surface launch goes (I still think that'll be somewhat of a dud). I kinda like the Metro interface, more than I thought I would anyway. Though it can get really confusing what's what after a while. Tori was drooling over some of the new features, lol.

Will play more with this later. Thanks for the help guys. ^*^
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Re: Windows 8 Release Preview (RC), Build 8400 Install & Tes

Postby shreader » Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:22 am

That is strange not being able to do a clean install, never had that problem w/ a DVD in DVD drive.
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Here is a Windows 7 vs Windows 8 (RP probably) speed test comparison by PC Magazine

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