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Windows 8 Boot Problems...

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Windows 8 Boot Problems...

Postby kanaloa » Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:07 pm

Hi guys, I'm posting this on behalf of another user, but this is the second individual to ask the same question about Windows 8, regarding .NET and then the free space problem. Can you all advise? Thanks

Date: 2012-08-18 08:04 AM
Name: Mike Van Grieken

Hi, I have a Desktop with Dual Boot partition; i installed the new Windows 8 system and i was then unable to Dual Boot (Windows 7/Windows 8). ... only Windows 8 is available I just bought and installed a personal licence of DualBootPro. When i tried to install the program, system sais that he needs NET Framework .... I installed that feature and restart computer. Now when i try again to install the App I receive the following message: ..."You do not have enough free space to install this program. Please free some space end try again" .... Your app is supposed to work with Windows 8 .... and i have plenty space ... so what am I doing wrong ? Thanks in advance for your help Mike
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Re: Windows 8 Boot Problems...

Postby shreader » Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:32 pm

This should somve the problem

jbullard wrote:As of right now there are several mixed reviews on DBP installing on Win 8. Some individuals have no problems installing and using it while others are experiencing issues. However, this sounds more like an installer problem and could be that MS decided to release an updated Windows Installer. Don't quote me on that as I'm not aware of all the updated software with W8. Until MS actually has a release candidate ready we don't want to make any changes.

One workaround that you might be able to do is install it under Windows 7 or Vista and copy the install folder over to W8.

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