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Windows 7 Ultimate Install and Testing

Windows 7 Ultimate Install and Testing

Postby Grav!ty » Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:08 pm

Windows 7 Ultimate Install and Testing


I wish there was a way to check out the various editions of Windows 7 from the same DVD like it was possible with Windows Vista (probably the only thing I'll miss about that OS :) ). I'm doing independent posts of what is likely to be the most sought after two Windows 7 editions (Professional and Ultimate) with Windows 7 Home Premium likely being the most widely in use.

So far I'm guessing the two are pretty much the same as Business and Ultimate in Vista with the exception that Media Center is by default available in Windows 7 Professional. There's some good info available on the differences here Windows 7 Builds Revealed - 6 Versions and a more detailed look at Windows 7 Professional at Windows 7 Professional Install and Testing with more info on the experiences of users with Windows 7 RTM, mostly Windows 7 Ultimate, in this thread Windows 7 RTM good/bad experiences

Installation of Windows 7 Ultimate was to a separate hard drive, pre-formatted from Windows XP on the multi-boot system in my signature which also has two versions of XP and two versions of Vista on it...X86 and X64 in both instances. My Vista installation discs are about to be stashed way at the back of the cupboard I keep them in.

From "Press any key to boot from DVD..." it took 9 minutes to first restart and then another 4 minutes to second restart with a total install time 16 minutes before hitting the desktop.

More to follow... :)

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