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Windows 7 pre installed.

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Windows 7 pre installed.

Postby marindy » Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:50 pm

I have a new laptop which has windows 7 pre installed on it. I have purchased DualBootPro to install windows xp on my hard drive which I have partitioned already. When I insert my xp disk, it seems to be working then I get a message saying computer has shut down as the operating system installed is newer and then gives an error message with lots of O's or 0's I dont know which. Would it be possible for you give me have simple instructions on how to do this as it is driving me insane :bashhead I used a program called bootcamp on my mac computer and was successful and hoped that DBP would be as easy.

The only reason want to do this is to play my games which will not run on compatability settings of which I have a lot

I am at the point of asking for a refund but I don't really want to give up and take it to a computer shop for them to either tell me it's impossible to do or charge me the earth for doing something that I might be able to do with some help.
Please help me if you can
Marindy :confused
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Re: Windows 7 pre installed.

Postby Grav!ty » Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:13 pm

Check out these guides:

install-windows-xp-in-dual-boot-with-pre-installed-windows-7-t112568.html (Note the "important consideration" in blue just below the red cautionary). You either need to see if you can change the hdd type in your BIOS from AHCI from SATA or vice-versa OR you can google for a utility called nLite and slipstream the XP SATA drivers for your motherboard/system into your XP CD.

Also, note that Windows 7 creates a small system partition which you will need to unhide for XP to place it's boot system files on that small system partition by allocating a drive letter to it without formatting the partition: windows-7-creates-a-small-system-partition-t104873.html

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Re: Windows 7 pre installed.

Postby marindy » Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:28 pm

Thank you for your help but as you advised I checked whether installation of another o/s would invalidate my warranty, and it would so could you please arrange for a full refund

Thanks again

Marie Dannatt
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Re: Windows 7 pre installed.

Postby kanaloa » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:33 pm

I'll process that for you.
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