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Windows 7 FTP Server Brought Down My PC

Windows 7 FTP Server Brought Down My PC

Postby mnemonicj » Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:07 am

Since I am switching over to my new server, I decided to take my old domain controller down for a little while, back up everything and give myself some time to switch out components. During this time, my Windows 7 RC1 desktop would take over as the FTP server for my multi-function printer/scanner for a place to upload my scans to.

I installed the FTP server by adding the feature and IIS and tried to Start the server. I was given an error because the ftpsvc service was not running. I tried to start the service, but I was denied access, so I rebooted the PC and after I logged in, the ftvsvc was running.

Within seconds, my PC was locking up and figuratively crapping all over the floor. I rebooted several times and my PC and network connection were shot and I was unable to access most of the Windows control panel. I decided to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the FTP Server "Feature" of Windows 7.

First, I hope and pray that Windows Server 2008 is not near as worthlessly complicated nor as useless in setting up a simple FTP server. Second, I hope that Windows 7 RTM is more reliable and that Microsoft actually fixed many of the bugs I am seeing with Windows 7 RC1. I understand that it is an RC, but if they can't get an FTP server right, what good are they?

After 30 minutes of trying to scan in a document, I think I will wait another week until my Server 2008 setup is finished before I try setting up a Microsoft FTP server again.
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