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Windows 7 and Mac OS X Sharing

Re: Windows 7 and Mac OS X Sharing

Postby techwriter » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:07 pm

You name it I tried it. what it finally got down to is this. You must have Pro or Ultimate loaded. Home Premium does not support the tweaks. I made sure that I accomplished all the tweaks that are listed below in the posts. I made sure that SMB was selected on the MAC Network, at this point take note of the server address (ie. Go back to the PC and perform the following step:

Open "Computer" in start menu.
In the newly opened pane single click on "Computer Icon" located on the left pane.
In the header list on the top of the pane select "Map a Network Drive."
Choose a drive letter from the pull down menu, (Z) is usually OK.
Type in the server address and folder location that is shared, "\\\Shared"
Toggle select the "Reconnect at login"
Select finish.

At this point my shared folder on the network was visible and usable. Hope this is part of a solution and not more headache.
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Re: Windows 7 and Mac OS X Sharing

Postby simpletiger » Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:43 am

vfrontiers & dnegrich, this advice was perfect and definitely helped me with something I've wanted for months now.

I figured out another setting to allow the computers to see each other. Disable the firewalls on all the macs, leave them up on the windows 7 machines. Also, create a firewall on your wireless router if you can. This worked for me and I'm sitting behind a good firewall and all my comps see each other, yay! Thanks guys!
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Re: Windows 7 and Mac OS X Sharing

Postby 16mmjunkie » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:37 pm

vfrontier TYSM! Was so easy to do...Works perfect on my network sharing Can't believe it was that easy :bashhead
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Re: Windows 7 and Mac OS X Sharing

Postby petrus246 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:22 pm


After fighting for 2 days with this issue, and tried a lots of things - including the solution above, this worked for me.
I have a MacBook Pro with OSX Lion.
I was trying to connect to Windows 7 Professional within a domain.
My W7 login was the same use to log into the domain and also a local (\\my pc) admin.
I shared \\my pc\c.
Nevertheless I couldn't access my files at \\my pc\c\users\user xx

I solved the issue like this.
1) unregister \\my pc from the domain
2) activated the admin account - local security policies -> local policy -> security options -> Accounts: Administrator Account State (enable it)
3) reboot
4) Log as the local admin (\\my pc) and define a password.
5) Rejoin the pc to the domain
6) On the C: share give permission to \\my pc\admin with full control (remove all other - including any domain accounts if any)
7) log out and log in with the normal user (with the domain account and profile)

Now on MAC using Finder: Go->Connect to Server
type smb://my pc/c
When asked for credentials use your local admin/password
And it's it.

Now you can access the all the C: drive and all user files.

Hoppe this helps.
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