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Win7 x64: VistaBootPRO "Vista is not installed or is hidden"

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Win7 x64: VistaBootPRO "Vista is not installed or is hidden"

Postby rlsx » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:03 pm

I had Windows XP installed (first) in a primary partition: [P1]
I created a second primary partition: [P2], and installed Windows 7-x64, from a DVD, on [P2].
Everything went smoothly: Win7 installed its BOOTMGR and \BOOT on [P1], and the rest of the system on [P2].
Dual booting works fine, Win7 assigns C: to [P2].
I have used VistaBootPRO to change the display order of the boot options, and the default. Worked fine.

Now VistaBoot PRO (v 3.3) starts off with a warning dialog box: "VistaBootPRO has detected that Vista is either not installed or is installed on a hidden drive. You may experience minor problems [etc.]"
I don't know when this started. It wasn't there at the beginning.
Clicking [OK], VistaBootPRO seems to work correctly.

Question 1: What is the meaning of the warning, and should one worry about it?
Question 2: After 2 or 3 days, a third boot menu option appeared: "Ramdisk options". I did nothing to create this entry: any explanation for this spontaneous change?
("Ramdisk options" leads to a recovery environment, for Win7).
Incidentally: There is a small (94 MB) hidden partition, pre-installed by the manufacturer: Dell.

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Re: Win7 x64: VistaBootPRO "Vista is not installed or is hidden"

Postby jbullard » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:37 am


To first answer your questions (1) there is nothing you need to worry about. It is a check to ensure that all drives are visible in each OS that you run VBP but not everyone has that configuration. In fact, sometimes the code just executes faster than it can retrieve information from the PC and causes that error - one that is being removed from future releases. (2) This is actually quite normal. Why it waited three days to show up I have no idea but unless you ran Diagnostics in VBP then it wasn't anything that VBP did. Seems to me that Windows 7 may have run some sort of startup check and discovered the partition and automatically added it.

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