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VistaBootPRO don't detect my XP

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Re: VistaBootPRO don't detect my XP

Postby fabofrank » Sat Jul 04, 2009 6:42 am

Oh, "Under the Hood" is the same as "My Computer", just renamed the icon.

The only time I can get into XP is after the initial installation. After that, when following the rest of the instruction carefully, all the way until the dianogsis part, the only OS shown in the window that it detects is still Vista. (All this while I am still in XP)

Thus once I reboot, it takes me straight into Vista and I never get the option to choose which OS I want and thus can't get into XP anymore.

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Re: VistaBootPRO don't detect my XP

Postby Easy_G » Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:53 am

Just thought I'd chime in.

I am currently having the same exact problem. I just got an Asus EeePC with Windows 7 installed. After making a new partition and installing XP on it, I downloaded DualBootPro and installed the Windows 7 system bootloader. Then I ran the diagnostics, and it only showed Windows 7, no XP. Rebooting obviously put me into 7. I was able to get back into XP by changing the boot drive in the Operating Systems tab, but I still can't get it to recognize XP or give me a boot screen at startup.
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Re: VistaBootPRO don't detect my XP

Postby cocojambo » Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:21 pm

Hello guys, i've been reading this topic, and i wanted to share how i fixed this problem by your inspirations...

I had a Vista 64bit OS, then i added a winXP just like everyone else did it.
But then i installed the vistabootpro 3.3 freeware version on VISTA, not on XP.

Then, i started the program and guess what, it only shows one OS, it shows VISTA, doesn't show XP. :-?

Then inside the program from the top Diagnostics menu, i clicked Run Diagnostics.

And after this, i clikced Manage OS Entries section, and now i had 2 OS appearing. One VISTA, and the other one "Former Windows-Version".

After that, i went to Systen Bootloader section, and from the first group of selections i chose Windows Vista Bootloader selection. And from the second, Specific Drive and set c: as the drive. I left the "Force Bootloader Install (Optional)" option unchecked. Then i hit install bootloader.

And then, when i restart, i had the OS selection screen, One VISTA, and the other "Former Windows-Version" ^*^

This method worked for me. Hope it helps.

Greetings to you all from Istanbul.
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