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Virus/Malware disables Vista Networking & Sharing Center

Virus/Malware disables Vista Networking & Sharing Center

Postby rippinchikkin » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:30 am

Has anyone encountered a bug that makes the network and sharing properties inaccessible?

I have 2 clients that have gotten something that has made access to the network settings (ie share, discovery, ect.) grayed out or if you attempt to change, it just flips back off. It did not cut off anything already set up (network drives and internet) but it prevents me from making any new changes.

One of them it has removed his trend micro display (service is still running, but no way to access it). The other is running avg (the avg seemed unaffected, still updates and scans) and both have malwarebytes. Ran scans from safe mode, one of them I even pulled the hard drive and usb'ed it to another box and scanned it, I can find nothing.

I have google'd it and haven't seen anything similar. Before I brake down and do a complete re-install thought I would ask around.
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