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Upgrading My Computer-Using Same Hard Drive

Postby JabbaPapa » Thu Dec 25, 2008 8:09 am

flash_659 wrote:I'm going to make a new thread in the other Vista Help part where my other thread is, so please all go there as this is starting to go into a new topic.

Alright -- we are unable to provide support for non-legitimate copies of Windows, for two reasons :

1) this forum (and most other similarly large forums) cannot assist in the distribution, installation, or any other implementations of stolen computer software.

2) even if this were not the case, from a purely technical point of view we cannot possibly have any detailed knowledge of issues that can arise during the use of any randomly chosen modified/hacked software packages, including any copies that may have been modified using such more or less legitimate tools as nLite when applied to a properly licensed copy of Windows.


Therefore, the only advice you can expect here would be to obtain a legitimate copy of Windows, and to clean install that copy using your current hard drive in your new system.

Depending on which country you live in, legitimate copies of Windows Vista are now quite cheap, particularly if you buy an OEM copy --- and frankly, are all these headaches you're having worth the small amount of money that you're "saving" ?

Obviously not :no
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