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Upgrading from an installation of Windows Vista

Upgrading from an installation of Windows Vista

Postby shreader » Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:21 pm


[html]<center><font color="navy" size="4"><b>Upgrade to Windows 7 from an installation of Windows Vista</b></font></center>[/html]

NOTE: An upgrade installation can only be performed on a Vista installation which has been updated to Vista Service Pack 1 or later.

This guide relates to Section 4. of our Windows 7 Installation Guide.

1. Upgrading your Vista installation to Windows 7 can be done both from within Windows Vista by inserting your Windows 7 DVD and running setup as well as by booting to the Windows 7 DVD. The advantage of running the upgrade from within Vista is that you are then connected to the internet and can check compatibility of your system, peripheral hardware like printers, and software programs. Windows 7 setup can also download any updated installation files it may find.


2. It is recommended that you run Windows Update to ensure that all programs and hardware drivers are updated, before upgrading, and during the upgrade to allow Windows 7 installation updates to be downloaded.

3. Select Upgrade when prompted to select the type of installation you want to perform.


4. Windows 7 setup will copy the Vista files, settings and programs it needs to transfer to the Windows 7 upgrade installation.


5. Your system will restart 4 times during the upgrade process and then you will asked for your Windows 7 Product Key and Homegroup password before taking you to your desktop.

6. Depending on your graphics hardware capabilities, you may need to change your desktop resolution and display settings if you have temporarily lost the aero glass display effect.

7. If you have a dual boot with say Windows XP on the system you are upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, Windows 7 setup will retain the dual boot settings. This may not be the case on some hardware configurations.

Please post any support questions you have or problems you experience in our Windows Boot Problems forum.
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