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Unlock all editions on your Windows 7 DVD and .ISO Image

Unlock all editions on your Windows 7 DVD and .ISO Image

Postby shreader » Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:56 pm


Unlock all editions on your Windows 7 DVD and .ISO Image

We'll start with a short guide on how to copy all the Windows 7 DVD files & save them as an .ISO

For this demonstration we will be using the UltraISO application.

On the menu bar choose Tools/ Make CD/DVD Image... (notice one can also burn in this list).


Browse to your CD/DVD drive where the Windows 7 DVD is located, confirm that “Enable ISO Volume Files” & “Standard ISO” are checked & check where the new ISO will be created (usually Documents/My ISO Files).

Click the Make button.


After the Progress window closes, choose No at the next prompt to open it.

That’s it, you're finished creating an ISO Image file from your Windows 7 DVD & if followed exactly, when the ISO is burned to a DVD it will be bootable.

Next a bit longer guide on how to open up all the Windows 7 editions on the .ISO

On the menu bar choose File/ Open.

Browse to where the .iso file is located, select it & click the Open button.

The .iso files are added to the upper right pane.

Browse the sources folder to the ei.cfg file & select it.

Rt. Click the file & choose Delete.

Return to the File menu & choose Save.

The application will create a new .iso in approx. 2 minutes.

The original .iso will have a .uibak extension added after the .iso extension which can be removed/renamed.

A successful installation with all the various operating system editions visible.

One can now burn the Windows 7 .iso to a DVD using any of several burning applications, ex: Nero, ImgBurn, etc.
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