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Unhandled exception

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Unhandled exception

Postby billdren » Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:16 pm

Using Dual Poot Pro, I am attempting unsuccessfully to install Windows XP Pro/32 bit to dual boot with Windows 7/64 bit where the latter is already installed. I followed the steps enumerated in the DualBootPro Guide.
1- I have an empty hard drive on this computer which I set aside to load Windows XP
2- I instaled Windows XP Pro on the above drive. I installed the chipset drivers for this motherboard (Supermicro X6DA8-G2) as well as other drivers to clear the Device Manager list.
3- I downloaded and installed DualBootPro and opened it.
4- I ignored the prompt to backup the BCD and proceeded to select the System Boot Loader tab, selecting the Windows 7 Bootloader and All Drives radio buttons.
5- I clicked Install Bootloader and it completed OK.
6- I next clicked Run Diagnostics on the Diagnostics menu bar.
Here the program hung with an error message:
Unhandled exception etc.
Object reference not set to instance of object
7- I clicked continue and the hour glass appeared permanently
8- I x'ed out to clear the desktop and rebooted.
9- Windows 7 booted OK
I tried this three times with the same result, reloading XP from scratch each time and wondering each time if I was going to get Windows 7 back. Fortunately I did.
Have you something to suggest?
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Re: Unhandled exception

Postby yeshuas » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:09 pm

Did you have the Harddrive with Windows 7 on it plugged in while you were installing XP? And if so After you installed XP were you able to boot into it?

If you unplugged the Windows 7 drive while installing XP then you have some other steps that you have to do with both drives plugged in.
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Re: Unhandled exception

Postby jbullard » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:05 pm

Check out this guide (guide-ntldr-windows-xp-alternative-method-t96291.html). It will explain the files you need to move in order to get XP working. :yesnod: Thanks for letting us know about the error. We will get that fixed.
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