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Tweaking Outlook Express 6

Postby InTrIgue » Thu Jan 31, 2002 2:46 am

A few tricks in the configuration settings of Outlook Express 6 can help you get a whole lot of work done, faster. Trick 1:-One e-mail client but several users :- One can create multiple identities within the same e-mail client.It helps in sending and receiving mails, while still protecting their privacy and individual settings. To create a new identity- click on File>Identities>Add New Identity from the main Outlook Express window. Enter the name and password of the new user.One can switch to the new user simply by choosing File>Switch Identity. After creating a new identity, one can configure mail server settings. Trick 2 :-Create Folders To Organize e-mail:- One can organize his/her e-mail into specific folders.It will help greatly to access mails. To do this right click on Local Folders in the Folder view > choose create Folder>Enter Folder name and you will have a new folder in addition to the Inbox, Outbox and the other folders in the left panel. Trick 3 :- Create Rules:- Setting rules will let you specify a set of actions that can be run on your e-mail as they arrive in the mail box.To create rules-click on Tools> Message rules> Mails...from the main Outlook Express window.The upper pane shows select the conditions for your rule, while the lower pane shows select the actions for your rule.One can set as many as rules. Trick 4 :-Compact e-mail messages:- To increase disk space by deleting stored newsgroup messages On the Tools menu, click Options. On the Maintenance tab, select the options you want for maintaining the size of all message files on your computer. To compact, delete, or remove messages from all or specific message files now, click Clean Up Now, and then follow the instructions on the screen. Trick 5:-Sorting quickly by clicking on the header:- Right click on Folder>Choose Find.There one can search for a particular keyword in the message.Thus searching becomes smart. Trick 6:- Creating a new contact:- New Icon>New Contact. In the next window, enter the details of the new contacts. Trick 7:-Creating groups of contacts:- Do this by follwing the same steps above, but instead of New choose New Group. Trick 8: No Spamming:- Spam means unwanted mails .To get rid of spams is either to unsubscribe from the unwanted mail or simply setup a rule that deletes all the messages from a particular address. Trick 9:-Import/ Export Messages:- Outlook Express 6 has an import/export feature. If you want to import:-click on File>Import>Choose the correct source from where the import needs to take place. When you wants to export or transfer messages from the address book to a different computer or for backup, click on File>Export>choose to either export the address book or messages. Trick 10:- Virus free mail box:- Use Norton Antivirus 2002 or McAfee antivirus softwares for monitoring the e-mail sent or received are virus free or not. As a rule of thumb,do not open any attachments that are sent to you,unless you are certain that they are legitimate and from a trusted source.Especially be alert for any .exe,.com,.bat files.If you are uncertain just delete them. Trick 11:-Customize Toolbar:- If you are in the main window, on the View menu, click Layout, and then click Customize Toolbar. If you are in a message window, on the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Customize. To modify the toolbar text, select an item from the Text Options list. To modify the icon size, select an item from the Icon Options list. To add or remove buttons, click the button name in the Available toolbar buttons list, and then click Add or Remove. To change the order in which buttons appear, click the button in the Current toolbar buttons list, and then click Move Up or Move Down. Trick 12:-Working offline:- Saveup the phone bill by downloading the newsgroup messages and then read them offline.To read newsgroups offline:-select a newsgroup from the folder list>go to properties>click on download tab>select 'When downloading this newsgroup retrieve' check box and click the option you want.To download messages click Download All .To download specific messages, click the message in which you are interested>click mark for Retrieval>click Mark Message >repeat for other messages>finally click on Download All. Trick 13:-Access messages from separae PCs:- You can set Outlook Express to store messages on the e-mail server.This will let you download messages on to your office PC as well as your home PC,allowing you to leave a backup of your mail on the Web mail server.To do this :-Account>properties>Advanced tab>'Leave a copy of Messages on server.'
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Postby oldmanlinc » Thu Jan 31, 2002 1:37 pm

very comprehensive.. one of the best posts Ive seen here..nice. -Adam
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Postby MsKitty » Sat Jul 13, 2002 7:33 pm

:D Hey InTrIgue, this is "alot" of good info. Thanks for sharing.
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Tweakin' the night away!!

Postby RRCinci » Sat Jul 13, 2002 11:14 pm

I agree that all of that IS good...I just have a few exceptions...

1.) Using multiple Identities are good...but with XP it sometimes can be tricky to set up! I've had several installs that when you add an Identity get "cranky" in the middle and can cause you to utter 4 letter words!! DO NOT SWITCH TO THE NEW IDENTITY after you type in the name and it asked if you want to switch!! A lot of the time...Outlook Express will "hang" and you'll need to reboot to get it to restart. So save yourself the reboot...use the "exit and Log off Identity" to close OE and when you start it again...you can select from the list of identities and configure it with all the proper info!

10.) I've gotten away from both Mcafee and Nortons for awhile now...I use AVG from Grisoft! It's no where near as invasive as M & N and does as good a job! And they offer a free version that does all I need! www.grisoft.com and check them out.

Jjust a couple of things that I thought of...all in all a very helpful post for those that need a "tweak" or two to setup OE the way YOU want it to...not MS's way!! :lol:
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