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The Quick Launch Toolbar Disappears In XP

The Quick Launch Toolbar Disappears In XP

Postby s. sengupta » Sun Feb 06, 2005 2:53 pm

The problem:-after every reboot or shutdown the quick launch toolbar disappears.

Solution:-It may be due to a malware- BlazeFind .Check whether there is any Search Assistant toolbar in the Taskbar or not.
If it is present then:-
now navigate to:-
In the right-pane, change the value of Userinit to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe,"
Type the above value exactly.Do not forget to add the comma at the end.
(without the quotes). Exit Registry Editor and restart Windows.

Very helpful references:-
Cannot Create Toolbar - Quick Launch (Line 296)

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! Quick Launch - Repair

Restore Winlogon\Userinit (Line 263 right)
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Postby Rainna » Fri Feb 18, 2005 3:18 pm

Re: quick launch disappears each reboot (xp)
My fix to the Quick Launch required adding another changed setting to my regedit. Thanks to Correz for getting me started in the right direction.

For those of you still having trouble after following the other options. I would like to offer up an additional registry key that I found to fix my problem.
Correz fix involved one registry key, mine offers two keys.

change the NoSaveSettings value to "0"

Change this setting also to NoSaveSettings value to "0"

Close Regedit/restart the computer/ ensure that the Quick Launch Toolbar is ticked via right click on taskbar/toolbar/tick quick launch. "DO NOT TICK LOCK THE TASKBAR"
Restart the computer a second time!!!

After I verified that my Quick Launch toolbar was indeed back, I had one minor problem, I wasn't able to arrange the icon's in the order I prefer in any of my Quick Launch Folders. My system just wouldn't drop and drag for the order arrangement, no matter what I tried.......until

I arranged the icons in the order of my choice, on the Quick Launch taskbar by dropping and dragging inside the taskbar, then right click on the taskbar to bring up Task bar and Start menu Properties, under Taskbar, I ticked the box, Group similar taskbar buttons, and poof my pre-arranged order corrected itself and now it comes up the exact way I prefer.

Hope that if all else fails anyone, that this method is helpful. I also know that my problem appeared after I did SP2, and yes I did indeed have the regedit tweek in my system under the SP1. I believe this is where the problem for me came in anyways.

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Postby andypopa » Fri Feb 18, 2005 8:20 pm

Welcome to pronet rainna!!!

Postby Rainna » Sat Feb 19, 2005 4:19 am

Why Thank you Andy!

What a nice way to end my day!
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Postby antoonvdr » Fri May 23, 2008 12:18 pm

I am running a laptop with XP, service pack 2. I added both settings in the registry and for a couple of reboots everything seemed to work fine. Until this morning.... :shocked:
I checked the registry and the settings are still as they were entered.
Any other suggestions?

Also, I had the same problem with the order of the shortcuts: they always were re-ordered in alphabetic order!
I solved it for my situation by numbering them, for instance: 1. Show Desktop and 2. xplorer2
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