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SMP2 Core update

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SMP2 Core update

Postby augie » Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:58 am

We are excited to announce progress in our testing of new SMP2 cores. These cores use threads-based parallelization instead of MPI and, we hope, should be much more robust than our first-generation SMP cores.

The SMP2 cores are currently in testing; watch for future announcements regarding their release. The first SMP2 core to be released will be a Gromacs-based core with core number A3. In conjunction with this release, we are implementing some updates to our points benchmarking system. In particular, we will use early-completion bonuses, which we have been testing with the bigadv work unit program, more extensively for SMP2 cores.

Vijay Pande Blog

This would be something real good as we'd no longer have to run SMP through VM/*nix hoops to get the best points, it would be in native Windows and no need for all that extra overhead! :yesnod: Some good news indeed! ^*^
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