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Site Idea (premilinary, "is it feasible" wall of text stage)

Site Idea (premilinary, "is it feasible" wall of text stage)

Postby poisonbl » Sat Mar 22, 2008 10:05 pm

I'm looking at putting together a site for a guild in WoW, but I'm not certain of how feasible a design like this would be ...

Roman style war banners (kinda like the tapestries/banners around Silvermoon City), red with gold edge, torn and burnt in places. One banner for the navigation menu on the left, the most beaten and torn, and bearing the Sin'dorei crest where the support across the top meets the one down the side (upside-down L).

The main banner will be on a (because it's behind) almost completely hidden T support, with whatever we come up with as our logo in the center, in a gemmed gold setting, and Unrequited Requiem split to either side. The visible portions of the support will likely actually form a pair of T's, the top holding the top of our UR mini-banner, crimson and old gold, with simple gems or the like on the protruding ends, while the lower cross bar will support the main text body of the page, which will be a deeper, blood, red with ragged edges, sides that play well with repeating for size (which will make creating it interesting, I'll have to play with javascript and CSS to make this work I think), the styling of the lower bar being more militaristic than the upper, wooden with bladed edges, the blades styled after the Sin'dorei guard weapons somewhat.

The third, and final banner, will be to the right of the main, with one little bit or another of information as needed, and will bear the horde emblem (remaining even if we don't have text to put on it)

The backdrop will be vaguely similar to that of the WoW Armory site, but replacing the indoors look with one based on a battlefield, fire, smoke, all fading to black.


My biggest concerns with it, really, is that it'll be hard to get the body text to look good in normal straight lines on a cloth banner that should be somewhat wavy ... maybe have the body portion stretched on a capital "I" like support, so it's held smoother down the main portion? Also, the other portion, is the sides being repeatable, but incrementally so if I need a longer body, it adjusts by adding another whole segment in height, so I don't end up with the bottom mismatched from the side ...

So what does everyone think? If it's likely feasible, I'll sketch it up and give a more graphical view of my idea here. If you've any questions about any of it, I'll gladly elaborate. (I'm also very open to ideas or alternative thoughts. My guild's being very reserved in their own offerings, so they've no room to be too picky about what they get :lol: )
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