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Search Folder tips and tricks (aka virtual folders)

Search Folder tips and tricks (aka virtual folders)

Postby mrblah » Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:48 am

Anyone have any clever uses for this feature? I think it has potential given some creative thought.

For those who dont know how to create search folders, heres how:
-First, do a search. Go to Start>Search or use Explorer's search bar.
-After its done searching, specify the type of file you want to only be shown. In the "Show only" bar at the top of the window click on one of the file types. This will severely cut down on clutter of folders or other stuff you dont want in the search folder.
-Click on the "Save Search" button at the top of the window. Choose where you want to save the virtual folder.

So does anyone have and tricks to using this? I think it would be handy to search by rating, but I dont see a way to do that. There should be some handy things you can do with tags.
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