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removable drives

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removable drives

Postby davejm » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:33 pm

I have two installations of windows 7 each on a separate sata drive in master slave configuration. The intention was to have one as a back up to the other in case of a drive failure (it happens) without resorting to mirrored RAID. They are in removable caddies. I made the mistake of loading windows 7 on the second drive whilst the first drive was still in the machine so I now have the boot manager appearing on start up to select booting in to either drive.
Ideally I want to remove one drive from the PC but removing either drive results in an error message that equates to can’t find operating system. Can I remedy this using DualBootPro or I am doomed to live with this situation or start with new independent installations from scratch.

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Re: removable drives

Postby shreader » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:38 pm

My main rig has 3 internal drives & 2 external drives, all SATA.
The external drives are plugged in the top of the PC case (TOC) as it came w/ jacks for that, incl. power & data connections.
If the TOC drives will boot seperatly & can be unplugged by using the taskbar "safely eject media..." button it seems like one could also just use a eSATA drive w/ power for what you want to do.
Of course you'll need to have the "Boot" files on it if you decide to remove the internal drive or it fails.
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