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Prevent Windows 7 creating a small separate System partition

Prevent Windows 7 creating a small separate System partition

Postby NT50 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:21 pm

Prevent Windows 7 creating a small separate System partition

The following guide is provided if you are one that does not like the idea of Windows 7 creating a small 100 meg partition to store the system files on.
This will only work if you have a Retail version or OEM version. It will NOT work with computers that have System Restore disk that restores a computer back to purchase date. Please BACKUP all data!
If one pre-creates and pre-formats the drive that Windows 7 is to be installed on without using the Windows 7 setup; then Windows 7 setup does not create the small separate and hidden System partition.

As can be seen fromt the two images below there is two different ways to install Windows 7. 1. With a hidden partition and 2. Without a hidden partition.

1. Image

2. Image

If you do not want Windows 7 to create this hidden partition then you can use either "diskpart" from Win 7 Recovery Console or use a linux program like "GParted". I personally used GParted and booted to the disk; created my NTFS partitions and rebooted to the Windows 7 DVD, do a custom installation, select the partition to install on and continue till complete. You can also use Windows 7 DVD and press F8 till you get the recovery console and use diskpart to create your partitions, reboot to Win 7 DVD, custom installation, select the partition and continue till complete. I prefer GParted due to it is a GUI program and very easy to use.

Warning, if you use Windows 7 custom install and delete the partitions and recreate the hidden partition will be created anyway.

If you have any questions or concerns then please refer to General Windows Support and create a new thread with your question.
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