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Powerbook Screen Problem...

Powerbook Screen Problem...

Postby Kril'ya » Tue Aug 29, 2006 1:57 am


So I set my laptop on the floor. So I tripped over it. They don't need to know that, right?

My screen is mostly dead (displaying junk instead of proper display) and I've called Apple so that I can send it back for repair under the Applecare Protection Plan. The issue that I'm wondering about is that they only cover defects under the warranty. I didn't inform them that tripping over the computer caused the problem, but they do check it to make sure that the damage is a result of a defect. I don't know if they'll find out about it, but if they do, I'm curious...

How much (ballpark) will they bill me for the repair? Anyone know?

For reference, it's a Powerbook G4 15".
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