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New to Kubuntu, need some help getting started

New to Kubuntu, need some help getting started

Postby Cornflake » Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:57 am

Hi all,
I've decided to start using Kubuntu 9.10 (Ubuntu with the KDE shell 4.3.2) as one of my main OSes, and I've just installed it but need some pointers. Almost everything is in working order, except for a few issues I was hoping you guys could help me with:

First off, my mouse sensitivity is too high. I've gone through my system settings many times and the only related setting I could find is the pointer acceleration - which I set to 0.1 but my overall sensitivity is still a bit too high. Is there a file or console command I can edit to manually set the sensitivity? Or some application I am unaware of? Google search yielded little more than directions to the system settings :dontgetit

Second, my sound is not working. Kubuntu has detected my Audigy 2 ZS as Audigy 1 [unknown] (rev.5, serial etc...) and even though there is no sound, it thinks that everything is working correctly. I have gone through just about every mixer slider and i'm about 90% certain that it's not a problem with anything being muted.

Finally, this may sound like a silly question, but I don't have access to any settings for my video card. How do I find out what driver version I have for my card, and can I access any kind of control panel for it? What if I want to set color settings for my desktop, etc? The stock drivers that came with Kubuntu work, but are they barebone or something?

- Thanks, your help is appreciated. I'm kind a linux noob right now!
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