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New Build - Can't Boot Vista

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New Build - Can't Boot Vista

Postby seanharman01 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:12 pm

Alright, guys. I'm working with a Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P motherboard, Seagate hard drive (SATA), AMD Phenom II X4 CPU, and HP DVD burner (SATA). I've already got Vista installed on the hard drive (via another computer, so I know the hard drive works). However, if I try to boot the computer with both the DVD drive and hard drive plugged in, I get this message:

BOOTMGR is missing
Press CTRL + ALT + DEL

It also won't let me boot from the DVD drive when I have them both plugged in.

If I boot with just the DVD drive plugged in, it runs the disc.

If I boot with just the hard drive plugged in, I get the same error message. I've tried using a different SATA cable and used every SATA slot available with the same results. I've quadruple-checked that the DVD drive is set to boot first, then the hard drive. BIOS recognizes the hard drive.

I returned the motherboard for a replacement. No help. I've ordered a new power supply because the manual for the mobo suggested 500w or higher. No help. I haven't tried with a different hard drive yet simply because I don't have a spare one laying around and if the Seagate works when I stick it in my other computer, it should work with this new one.

One adviser told me to install Vista with the motherboard that I'd be using but I can't do that because of the whole BOOTMGR error. I can't do anything with the hard drive while it's still in the new computer.

Please help!
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