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Need to dual boot between Windows XP and Vista

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Need to dual boot between Windows XP and Vista

Postby TRUC » Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:59 pm

My OS is Vista. I have partitioned the drive. I want to dual boot with windows xp. After completing all steps required through Visa partition creation, windows xp does not "see" the partition I have created when I attempt to install the OS.
I have been advised to slipstream XP with SP3. I have been advised to, " you need to switch the controller option to IDE in the system bios or you need a slipstreamed Windows XP SP3 installation CD to install Windows XP on your computer". I purchased DualBootPRO with hopes that this would make it easier. Can you help me? Please write back as if you were communicating to a three year old!
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Need to dual boot between Windows XP and Vista

Postby shreader » Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:24 am

Can I assume you made your new XP partition "Active" after you created it?
It should show-up when you do a "custom" clean install so that you can select it.

PROnetworks has a large Guide section:

What you probably want is the
Dual Boot Trouble Shooting Guide - XP / Windows 7 Running Guide.
Just substitute Vista for Windows 7 in the guide.
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