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iPhone & iTunes for business

iPhone & iTunes for business

Postby kd1966 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:12 pm

I really wish/hope Apple will reconsider the necessity of iTunes for their phones......... at my work we are pushing out iPhones (From my PC) and just ran into an issue - seems the last 2 phones I sent out have my AppleID on them and my contacts.... :confused
I've pushed out about 10 and only the last 2 have been affected so looking at my iTunes setup on my PC and not really seeing anything standing out, although I did just disable auto synching when devices are plugged in, so I'm guessing while I was not paying attention...... :sneaky mr. iPhone synched my info to their phones :uhhh

Now just gotta figure out how to remove that stuff from their phones :geek:
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