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Intel i7 CPU: Is hyper-threading potentially a problem?

Re: Intel i7 CPU: Is hyper-threading potentially a problem?

Postby imnuts » Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:04 am

Intel abandoned hyper-threading because they were getting higher clock speeds but that's it, it wasn't improving performance any and was leading to other issues, such as major power consumption. Their other chips, mainly the Xeon and Pentium M line, were performing quite well, as was AMD. So, Intel did what any good company should do, they went back to what was working, the P3 architecture that the mobile processors were based off of and basically started over. Now they've got nothing major to really do to add performance to the chips as they are almost at the smallest architecture that they can have, so bring back HT technology will add to the performance. And the reason you could see issues if you install Windows with HT off and then enable it after it's installed is that setup determines which kernel to install during the process. If HT is off, it won't install the SMP kernel, and then turning it back on could cause issues with the single core kernel or could cause the SMP kernel to be installed improperly.
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Re: Intel i7 CPU: Is hyper-threading potentially a problem?

Postby JabbaPapa » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:24 am

Grav!ty wrote:In my opinion, AMD made some errors in judgment taking on ATI when they did, and dissipating their core work on CPU's.

Well, I believe that AMD's CEO has basically admitted to exactly the same, and also that they paid about double ATI's real value.
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Re: Intel i7 CPU: Is hyper-threading potentially a problem?

Postby freeagent » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:46 pm


well, just to put your heart at ease, there is absolutely no problem with HT

I dont have an i7 yet, but i will soon. a few people i know have them, and from what i understand, they are goodness in a box!

i know you dont like intel jabba, but amd is not as great as you think they are..

remember you always get what you pay for! :doc
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