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Installing two versions of Windows 7

Installing two versions of Windows 7

Postby kanaloa » Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:42 pm

I'm posting this on behalf of Patrick via an email.

Patrick wrote:Hi there,

I have bought your software that is probably working perfetly but I have One question

I have installed windows 7 64 bits (which for whatever reason will not let an installation of SQL server 2008)

I want to install another OS: Windows 7 32 (I have both CDs, but Windows 7 tells me I cannot do that (I can’t upgrade or whatever…)

Do you know how we can install 2 versions of windows 7 on a single PC (single hard drive) Should I partion it or something like that ?

Thanks for your help, if you have 2 minutes

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Re: Installing two versions of Windows 7

Postby shreader » Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:14 pm

I have multiple Win7 OS's installed on 1 hard drive.

What I do is defragment the Hdd.
Go to Computer management (rt. clk. computer/Manage/ Disk Management)
Rt. clk. on the Hdd & choose shrink volume.
Go through the wizard choosing the amount to shrink the Hdd., use the default drive letter (ex: "F").
You'll have to let the PC restart.
Back @ the desktop go to Computer management again & rt. clk. on the new partition and make it active.

Now restart the PC w/ the DVD in the drive & boot from that drive & install Win7 on the new partition you created.
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