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Install Windows 7 in dual boot with Vista on a separate HDD

Install Windows 7 in dual boot with Vista on a separate HDD

Postby Grav!ty » Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:19 am


[html]<center><font color="navy" size="4"><b>Install Windows 7 in dual boot with Vista on a separate HDD</b></font></center>[/html]

NOTE: The same process works when installing Windows 7 in a dual boot boot with Windows XP

This guide relates to Section 2. of our Windows 7 Installation Guide.

1. With both hard drives attached, and with the hard drive containing the existing operating system (Windows XP or Windows Vista) set to be the first boot HDD in your BIOS and therefore the drive tagged (System) in Disk Management of the existing operating system, format the new hard drive.

2. Insert your Windows 7 DVD and restart your system to boot from the DVD. You can run setup of Windows 7 from within the existing operating system, but this is not recommended as the drive letter Windows 7 will see itself on will not be C: drive and this can cause issues with program installation.

3. Select Install now at the first setup screen and then select Custom (Advanced).

Image Image

4. At the next setup screen, select the pre-formatted drive you want to install to and click Next.


5. Windows 7 setup will restart your system several times. Do not remove your Windows 7 DVD until setup is complete and you arrive at the your final desktop after providing the user information that setup will ask for.

6. A dual boot menu will have been created automatically by Windows 7 for both Windows XP and Windows Vista, with Windows 7 being the default menu item.

7. Use DualBootPRO to rename the menu entries, backup your BCD (Boot Configuration Data), change the default boot entry or to change the menu items timeout.

Please post any support questions you have or problems you experience in our Windows Boot Problems forum.
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