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IE 7 and Backwards compatability

IE 7 and Backwards compatability

Postby Phoenix56 » Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:10 pm

Without being tech inclined here, I have this problem and am seeking advice here.

1. IE 7 and zonealarm security doesn't work togeather as it should.
2. Uninstalled zonealarm and ran the Nivida Nforce chipset and installed the Network program.
2. In trying to configure the Nivida's WEB based firewall program, I still get the page where IE7 says I have no active connection to the net, when In fact I can access the net.

In researching this problem, I went to IE7 homepage and looked at the TB's there, There were 2 TB's were it states that some web pages wont load properly cause of the IE6 compatabilty. I installed the first fix which wrote to the regestry and then restatred IE7, I still couldn't get the web based firewall running.

The only thing that I can do at this point is change the firewall setting via the icon on the task bar. I had uninstalled IE7 and reverted back to IE6 and I still have the same problem as before

Any help here on this ?

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