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High pitched whistle coming from computer

Re: High pitched whistle coming from computer

Postby James_CSE » Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:25 am

Sorry post is 6mos old but I've been looking for a post on this subject for a while. I had this problem too but now after reading this I have my own little theory.
I also have a MSI mainboard K7T266 Pro with an Antec PSU. It started making a high pitched whistle which gradually got louder and about a month later failed to boot one day. After sorting through what happened (2) WD hard drives failed (1) DVD RW drive won't spin, read, write correctly, video card burnt, & power supply no longer worked. I found some burn marks on the controller cards for the WD hard drives and was able to recover the data for about $100 bought them online. I'm positive everything I threw out was junk because I tried them all in another PC but I saved the mainboard thinking it was the power supply.
I even had this computer on a UPS with surge protection on top of whole house surge protection phone & TV incl.
After reading this post I looked at the mainboard and there sure is a cap that is raised between the memory & the DDR heatsink.
I believe the cap goes bad on the board making the power supply whistle & could end in total catastrophe like mine. Hope this helps someone take the right precautions. I guess I'll add one more piece of junk to the recycling bin. I currently have an Asus board no problems ..... yet
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Re: High pitched whistle coming from computer

Postby ComputerMana » Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:29 pm

Well,i also noticed that two days ago my pc started this whistle... i believe it is from the fan on my motherboard. but to note that,the sound starts when i play a heavy game,especialy "fallout new vegas" after the updates... i donk know how its related,but i notised that its when it started...

now its a heave game,and i had a medium pc before the graphic card broke... the power suply was able to hold my old card(nvidia geforce 8800GT)... i bought weaker card(ati radeon x700)... both 512...

the power suply should be mpre then enough...i dont think that after 3 years i have to cahnge my power suply... because on my old copmuter it last for 8,and still work like pro....

but if i knew any better i wouldnt ask for solutions on internet :P

i read all of the comments,does anyone know what is the actual reason of that,i would be most gratefull
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