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help with xp and me

Postby idstockmann » Fri Dec 28, 2001 5:52 pm

I have a dual boot on my computer. I run both xp and me. But your so called great xp... hasnt recognised all the programs and files located in the c: drive. So if im running xp, I cant play games from the programs menu, I cant access programs such as microsoft office and my documents are only accessible through my computer and then the c: drive. Any advice on how I can get xp to recognise the programs and files?
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Postby NetGuru » Fri Dec 28, 2001 6:50 pm

Andi, You will need to re-install all programs and games you want to use under XP if you have decided to go with a dual-boot system. As far as files if you are keeping them in a single folder, like "My Documents" then what you can do is Right-click on the "My Documents" folder in XP, choose properties, and change the path to the "My Documents" folder to your other version of windows. Hope this helps, Joseph Becher, MCP, Network+ http://www.XP-Users.com
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Postby idstockmann » Sat Dec 29, 2001 4:11 pm

Thanks for all the information, but If I do that will I still be able to use the program in me? andi_kam
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