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HDD problems booting raid0 [Solved]

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HDD problems booting raid0 [Solved]

Postby Logicalx » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:33 pm

Hey guys im still here and around

Ok so a few days ago i notice that my Boot Times were horrendous.

So i thought well seems a little slow just re-install Windows 7, so i did and yet same problem is still here VERY slow boot times, i ran test from when i pressed the power button to when i could open IE to the google page.... lets put it this way i gave up after 3 mintues...

I check my Score Indexing not that its anything to go by but i ran the test and to my Shock and Horror my Data Transfer went from 5.9 to 3.8!
MY computer is sluggish and just aint as nippy as before.

So i ran a check disk, got hold of PerfectDisk 11 Professional gave that ago with the boot time enabled and still nothing, slow boot times computer sluggish!

I'm worrying my disks are dying slowly, so my next idea is to disable RAID0 and just have 2 seperate 1TB drives install Windows 7 on 1TB and leave the other free for what ever.

Any idea's people?

Comp is only 5 months old.

P.S. Run bios Diagnostics passed 100%
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Re: HDD problems booting raid0

Postby yeshuas » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:24 pm

Do you have any USB devices plugged in, if so unplug the ones you don't need (most likely all) and then boot to see if that helps. You can plug them in after windows boots which should also get you the newest drivers.

You can also check "Device Manager" to see of any conflicts and to also update any and all drivers
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Re: HDD problems booting raid0

Postby Logicalx » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:22 pm

Seems i have fixed the problem.... Yay!

The: Write-Caching Policy (on the hhd)

"Enable write caching on the device" was unticked on both Harddrives

Either that fixed it or the 2.5 Hours CHKDK worked a treat.

Well iv leanred from this, gota break stuff to fix stuff so here's what happened;

Never played with Raid configurations so i had to read up about them, managed to figure it out after a quick read of different settings. Disabled Raid on each harddrive in the Bios and then access the Raid Config Menu using CTRL+I during start up, delete the raid and formatted both 1TB HDD's and re-installed Windows 7 Ultimate. (now i have 2 seperate HHD's instead of both being striped)

Only taken bloody 4/5 hours to figure everything out running diagnostics tests / mem tests / hhd tests everything.

Pleased though for some reason that i actually achieved something =0)
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