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Guide: NTLDR & Windows XP - Alternative Method

Guide: NTLDR & Windows XP - Alternative Method

Postby Omination » Sat Jul 28, 2007 7:11 am

Ok I do not want to take credit for this information only a small fraction of it is mine (my personal fix to the problem) I just gathered all the info I found to be applicable because I know its easier to look one place then search all the forumns... I have noted where the info is from but understand credit should be given where credit is due .

Thanks and God Bless :)

Regarding NTLDR is missing ...Or if you need Boot.ini, ntldr, and NTDETECT files.

If you have just had enough or you need to log on and backup your data for whatever reason. I suggest you visit the following website : http://ntldrismissing.com

Download the bootable floppy and follow the instructions to create a floppy (its easy as pie) then use the floppy as suggested trying each option down the boot list until it works... When you get onto your os installation click on the floppy drive and double click the fixntldr, follow the prompts and say yes(y) whenever it asks. There you go your ntldr is auto patched. Still having a problem try manually copy and pasting the files from the diskette.

Still having problems Visit

Sticky: Dual Boot Trouble Shooting Guide / Vista Running

And read what the other people say (they had the exact same problem as me but fixed it...I follows what they said and fixed mine.



Also read what the people say they find valid solutions with every aspect of this problem.

Maybe you just want to find the the 3 files (Boot.ini, ntldr, and NTDETECT) on your existing vista or xp installation. Well they are hidden here is how you find them :

NT50 wrote:I just added a step
1. Open My Computer
2. Click on "Organize" (top left of window) and then click on "Folder and Search Options"
3. Then click on the "View" tab
4. In the list under "Advanced Settings" you need to find "Hide protected operating system files" and uncheck it and then click "Ok"
5. In the list under "Advanced Settings" you need to find "hiden files and folders" It will have two submenu options. Click the one that says "show hidden files and folders" (you can change it back later)
6. Once back into My Computer open your XP (or Vista) drive and you will now see more "protected" files
7. Select the three files in question and right click and then select "Copy"
8. Go back and open your Vista (or XP) drive and right click and then select paste

VistaBootPRO v.3.1 Method
8. Open VistaBootPRO and go to the "System Bootloader" screen
9. Select to "Reinstall the Vista Bootloader" and then click on Install Bootloader
End v.3.1

VistaBootPRO v.3.3 Method
8. Open VistaBootPRO and go to the "System Bootloader" screen
9. Select "Windows Vista Bootloader"
10. Select "All Drives"

Perhaps you just want to redo the boot.ini file because everything is messed up ?

NT50 wrote:
Code: Select all
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT

The major components of the boot.ini are rdisk(#) and partition(#). Do not change disk(#) unless you are running SCSI drives. When you open Disk Manager, you will see your hard drives listed a Disk 0, Disk 1 and so on depending on how many hard drives you have. The boot.ini rdisk(#) should point to the disk with XP on it associated with the Disk Manager. The boot.ini partition(#) should point to the partition XP is on. The first section of a hard drive is partition 1 and so on. Remember; rdisk(#) can have a 0 such as rdisk(0). On the other hand, partition(#) will always have a 1 or greater. Below you will see my hard drive configuration.

The key to xp problem is simple...Once you get these three key files...be sure you copy them to all your os systems (just throw them in the drive no subfolders or anything). You can copy them from your vista os to your xp and likewise from your xp os to your vista os, so long as they are on all drives with an operating system.

Grav!ty wrote:The boot system files for Vista are the folder Boot (and contents) and bootmgr and for XP NTDETECT.COM, ntldr and boot.ini. Boot.ini needs to be pointing to the correct drive/partition. It doesn't hurt to have all these files on both operating system root drive/partitions as this has been known to fix the issue for some or other reason.

Once you have those all on the "System" drive/partition you can Install the Vista bootloader from the System Bootloader page of VistaBootPRO, or run Diagnostics from the Diagnostics menu item and then go to the Manage OS Entries page and if the entries there don't look right and don't work when you reboot and test them, then either the boot.ini is incorrect or the drive letter assigned to the entries is incorrect.

Do not change the drive letters in Computer or Disk Management as that will more than likely cause your systme to be unbootable for that OS.

You can also run a Startup repair by booting to the Vista DVD and selecting Repair my computer at the Install now setup screen.

If all else fails then try to rebuild the BCD by running these commands from the command prompt after booting to the Vista DVD and selecting the command prompt at the same place you would run a startup repair:

You can also try finding the files () on google: Courtesy of Nativedude (Adam Durham) <This>Folder Options>View) then look at the root of the XP Drive. If you still can't find the files you are looking for you can find two (ntldr, NTDETECT) on the XP CD, the third (boot.ini) can be created in notepad. Just do a google search on how to create a boot.ini[/quote]

You can also try and fix the ntldr from the windows repair utility as follows:

1. Enter the windows repair utility by inserting the disk, restarting your cpu and pressing any key when prompted
2. Log into the Windows OS you want to repair
3. Type in "bootcfg /rebuilt"
4. type "y" and press enter
5. Enter the label (what you want it to be called) of the OS (ie: windows xp)
6. type in /fast detect
7. To any other windows installations type "n"

Other helpfull websites for NTLDR Missing Error

Thanks to the moderators who made this guide possibe (mentioned in guide)

I gathered all this info because I think that together it provides a one stop xp boot problem solution. I do not take credit for the information cortesy of other members I simply gathered it here so that it would be sipilar to find a solution!

All the problems in the connected forum threads (the problems people posted in reply to the linked threads) can be solved if you follow the steps on this guide!

If you want me to add anything to this guide, any problems that are not here so long as there is a conneted solution then please.

Thanks and God Bless :)
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Postby jbullard » Sat Jul 28, 2007 9:35 am

Omination asked me to post this for him as it has some changes to our current Dual Booting Troubleshooting Guide. However, instead of modifying our original as that has worked as well, I have posted this one as an alternative.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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Postby Cecil60 » Fri Nov 14, 2008 2:19 am

Hi there all: I see that the missing (ntldr) or one of the other load files are still a problem... When ever I replace a Hard drive or change the (Master-Slave) jumper settings; I always get the missing NTLDR or one of the other files. (I belive it is 3 files)?

The best way to start I have found is to run the repair tool from the Vista installation disk and then Re-boot, and enter into the BIOS and change the settings to the system default level. Now don't worry just remove the Vista installation disk and let it run past the (Press any to Boot from CD)... If everything has been done correct, You should see the option bar; giving you a choice of operating systems (ie XP or Vista) to load... Now about the B.I.O.S.... Just do a line item settings cange that you want or need to operate your system... I follow the Mother boart installation manual as a guide to the settings....Well God Bless all and I hope this will help...

Thanks.......Cecil60 ^*^
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