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Grub loader problem in windows 7

Grub loader problem in windows 7

Postby poorani » Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:10 am


I have created the boot menu entry in Windows 7 using following command.

bcdedit.exe /create /d "OS2" /application osloader
bcdedit.exe /set {id} device partition=c:
bcdedit.exe /set {id} path /grldr.mbr
bcdedit.exe /bootsequence {id} /addfirst

then copy grldr.mbr , grldr , menu.lst to c:

content of menu.lst file
# Sample boot menu configuration file
# Boot automatically after a minute.
# By default, boot the second entry.
default 0
timeout 5
# Fallback to the first entry.
# For booting Linux
title My OS
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 acpi=off pmedia=cd
initrd /boot/initrd.gz

when rebooting the system it shows the "the application can not be loaded ,because selected application is missing or corrupted message" is displayed.

I did these steps for vista,it works fine.But in windows 7 shows an error.

How to resolve this?
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