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Good-looking computer protection

Good-looking computer protection

Postby Author » Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:46 am

Aston Secure Desktop supplies administrative control of your computer. With the help of Aston SD administrator can deny user access to the control panel, screen properties, lock local, network or removable disks, prohibit registry editing, applications installing-uninstalling and enjoy other administrative functions.

This restricted version is highly recommended to Internet-cafes and kiosks administrators, colleges and companies' authorities and parents willing to find their Desktop settings unaltered after their kids' incursions. This is also a perfect way out in other situations when users' ability to customize their working area needs to be limited.

What's new in Aston Secure Desktop 2.0
# Added the option to disable Start menu
# Added the option to show shortcuts to admin only (a user will never see them; valid for desktop, start menu, launch bar, toolbars)
# Added the "Launch bar", "Toolbar" and "WinSwitch" widgets
# Added 'Hotkey' tab in Aston Preferences
# Added Shell Swapper, utility for switching between Explorer and Aston shells
# Added new "Task list" options
# Added default skins for ALL widgets
# Added Expose mode and hints for tasks in Expose and Flip3D
# Added 'Time zone' option in the "Clock" widget
# Fixed bug with time limit count
# Improved overall program stability

Football WorldCup 2010 theme:

Coffee theme:

Titanium theme:

Windows 7 theme:

Delight theme:

Time-limited 30-day trial versions of Aston, free 3D themes and live wallpaper can be downloaded from official site.
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