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GlacialPower GP-PS550BP Real Power 550W ATX PSU

GlacialPower GP-PS550BP Real Power 550W ATX PSU

Postby rippinchikkin » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:37 pm

<img src="http://benchmarkreviews.com/images/reviews/GlacialPower%20GP-PS550BP/logo.png" align="right" alt="GlacialPower GP-PS550BP Real Power 550W ATX PSU"></img>GlacialPower GP-PS550BP Real Power 550W ATX PSU
By Olin Coles
August 2, 2007 1:24 am

Some of the players in the power supply industry have made a big name for themselves with a product line full of sparkle, or ultra glamorous design. Others take a different approach and offer the best product they can design at the best price possible.

GlacialPower is such a company, and Benchmark Reviews was fortunate enough to shine the light on their GP-PS550BP Real Power 550W Power Supply Unit with series of ripple and regulation tests. Benchmark Reviews has seen some major changes within the power supply industry over the past year. Even in such a limited purpose industry, somehow fads manage to come into existence.

At one point, the number of rails a PSU offered was key to media hype. At another point, you could see everyone pushing for the highest watts in their new product. I can't forget how modular power supplies, with the assortment of cables and interfaces, also shared some time in the limelight. The latest trend seemed to be 80-Plus efficiency, but since most PSU's are at least this efficient the label has lost meaning.

And then without any warning, it was as if every company manufacturing power supply units suddenly decided that they could win the battle for industry dominance by combining all of the above features, and add a nice paint job or mirror finish for good measure. Not this time. GlacialPower keeps it real with some basic features and a modest price.
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