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Postby Xstream » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:39 pm

wait a minute, lol, I guess I'm not hosting with them, I'm using http://www.nothing4hosting.com
hahaha, my mistake, anyway, thats another free host, and its working great.
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Postby imnuts » Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:19 am

The banner ads are gone, at least for now. There will be advertisements on the site as I've talked a tiny bit with the new admin. The support may pick up in a little as he just took over at the very end of March, but I'd still go with something else.
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Postby Stereorama » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:51 am

imnuts wrote:The thing that bothers me is that they added a ton of links to subsidiaries that MOGMedia controls and also changed the way that it's included in the pages now, so it can show up in more than just the footer of the page. An example was the Wordpress Dashboard homepage would have the links on it like 5-6 times, which was highly annoying. It also screwed with my page layout sometimes, so I wanted to try and get rid of it if possible.

I would watch out for this guy, Martin Macdonald has already had 3 sites he owns shut down for violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I have found information that he was selling scripts that he did not have permission to sell and once he was caught he passed the buck and the people who purchased the scripts from him were not refunded. It was at his turnkeyfacebookapps a simple search of the name will back up the info. He also owned a poker site called costadelpoker which the poker network he was on pulled the plug on the site because he runs a poker forum that steals events off of other poker forums. Hostgator did pull the plug on his site, he has now moved his poker forum to an overseas network. He also owns a few domain hosting sites one that is for free he informed members who registered there would be no banners on their sites that information was false. He also lied in a pervious auction about his sites stats check it out for yourself. "1,331+ websites hosted, active webmaster forum, 50,000 backlinks" "Seems that there are less than 384 active users and not 1,331+ websites. Is this accurate? This info is according to myIPneighbors hostedwith has the IP address: We found 384 other sites hosted on the IP address"
His site mogmedia is another joke website design using a standard template. Opps he didn't renew the domain so that won't come up. The scripts on his site I would check to see if he has permission to use them.
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