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Flashing ATI Bios??

Flashing ATI Bios??

Postby frenchsquared » Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:52 am

So has anyone here tried to flash the bios of an integrated ati card.

I have a Gateway M-6824 with an integrated ati HD 2400 xt pci-e mobile card.

I have created a triple boot with linux, vista and osx.
but I cant get the correct resolution in osx. I have been told osx doesnt like the ATI 0x95c8 cards but works well with the 0x95c1 and 0x95c3 cards. Several people have reported success by flashing the bios to read as a 0x95c3 card.

The deal is I dont now if there cards were integrated or not. Im affraid of screwing up a mobo, and I trust this forum.

So, do you guys have any ideas?

I know your not mac people but you all have been a great asset to me. I started learning how to create dual boot from here.

legal disclamer: I own a macbook and osx. I am a student trying to learn more about the file structure behind OSX and Unix so dont freak out.

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Postby imnuts » Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:18 am

According to Apple's EULA, you cannot install OS X on any system other than an Apple built system, so you're out of luck with your Gateway.

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