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'Favorites' inactive/unrecognized in XP

'Favorites' inactive/unrecognized in XP

Postby Iceman107 » Sun May 13, 2012 11:25 pm

Windows XP-
Favorites aren't recognized. They are still listed (folders too) but their icons are gone and are ineffective when clicking on them. Same for adding to Favorites. Somebody sent me a possible solution from your website dated 2005 (see below). I tried its recommendation to no avail.
I backup my Favorites to a seperate external hard drive that I plug in and unplug before and after backups. When I try to view these backups on my computer they are also unrecognized and icons replaced. BUT when I hook up my laptop to the external drive all is fine! Icons included!
So whatever the issue is it has something (obviously) to do with XP on my computer recognizing my Favorites.
I should mention at this point that it's PROBABLY a registry issue since i had run RegScrubXP prior to my problems and have since deleted the program.
Below is the solution your site offered for a similar issue. Unfortunately for me it didn't work. I was wondering if there maybe was an updated resolution since 2005.
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