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external HD question

external HD question

Postby Start Something » Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:49 pm

I recently purchased an External Hard drive from newegg. it's a 1 terabyte drive, and according to device manager on my computer, it is a Hitachi drive. I got it yesterday, plugged it into my laptop which runs windows 7 pro using eSata, and it seemed to work fine. however, about every 12 minutes it will make a peculiar 2 second long grinding noise. This grinding noise does not seem to affect performance or anything that i can tell. it is the same pitch as regular HD chatter. Ran different diagnostic tests and the hard drive passes. Not sure what this noise means, it's brand new, so is it defective or would this be normal? Any ideas greatly welcomed. I might call newegg or something, not sure.... not a real fan of having to pay shipping to send it back to them. It is a Fantom Disk Drive 1TB 16 MB cache 7200 RPM
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