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Expertice required invasive virusses and hackers

Expertice required invasive virusses and hackers

Postby Brad79 » Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:29 am

Hi everyone.

I'm new to this forum and hope to recieve some help on how to deal with invasive virusses and hackers.

Basically what happened was I was trying to watch a movie online and upon clicking on a redirective link, some gambling website popped up and I must have clicked on (some feature/function) on it and next thing I know, I'm infected with a virus. Or at least I thought so. Really what I think happened is I got hacked, reason being I've been made into a secondary user and can't adjust settings on my (Norton) antivirus program ("You don't have sufficient rights to conduct this command", or something to that effect).

So with my Norton Antivirus completely shut off and me unable to do anything about it, I downloaded a new antivirus program (AVG) and ran a scan. To my chock I was infected with 862 virusses (well mostly virusses, a small portion was "just" spyware). I had them removed (well that's what I was informed of), but I don't believe my computer is all clean yet- reason being I still can't access settings on my Norton Antivirus program. I tried uninstalling Norton AntiVirus, since I figured this is the hacker's main entrance to my computer, but (surprise, surprise), I didn't have "sufficient rights" to do so.

Anyway, I'm really bumbed out about this, because I've refrained from accessing anything that requires registration of personal info (MSN, Hotmail, online banking, blogging etc) without which the internet is only good for reading articles and going on youtube- so I'm really not enyoing my computer at all.

Anyway, enough ranting... I sincerely hope you can offer solid advice/help (expert users?).

Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.

Peace out-
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