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Edit Bootmgr on flash drive

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Edit Bootmgr on flash drive

Postby tomgold » Wed May 12, 2010 8:53 pm

I have a flash drive that I use to install W7. I also have a different flash drive that I use to install Vista. I want to combine both the W7 & Vista installation media on one flash drive. In order to do this I need to edit the bootmgr file that is on the flash drive. When I run Dualbootpro 1.0, it seems that the only bootmgr file that I can modify is the one that is on the reserved system partition. Is it possible to have Dualbootpro 1.0 choose a different bootmgr file to modify, like the bootmgr file that is on my windows installation flash drive?

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Re: Edit Bootmgr on flash drive

Postby jbullard » Wed May 12, 2010 9:19 pm


Unfortunately no. We are still weeding through the features of bcdedit in order to see which ones can be run on another store. Most of them seem to work; however, certain things like changing a device can cause an unknown entry to be inserted instead. I have heard that the bcdedit version in Win7 fixes a lot of the problems but have not seen it yet. But, it is in the plans for the future. :yesnod:
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