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Dynamic IP address

Dynamic IP address

Postby T-Man1984 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:20 pm

Hey all,
I recently purchased a HP Media Smart Server LX195. I have it setup with my website and phpbb3 forum. Right now I have my domain name pointing to my ISP's IP address. All is well.

However, I have a dynamic IP and once my lease renews my IP will change and I will have to go back into my domain manager and change the address.

I can find free dynamic dns's all day but they are second level. I have my own domain name, but don't want one like, jspafford.freedns.com

Is there anyway out there to make this happen? My ISP wants $10 a month for a static IP.
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Re: Dynamic IP address

Postby jbullard » Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:44 pm

I don't know of the sites but look up DNS Hosting in Google. This will return sites that will allow you to have DNS entries that point to your home server. I believe that DynDNS also has this ability but for purchase. There are a lot out there but many of them charge for it.
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Re: Dynamic IP address

Postby ar1stotle » Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:05 am

Alright, I know this is old, but for future reference, I think that basically, you're looking for something that has a tool you can run to update the IP address of the domain, which most of the second level Dynamic DNS places you've found have. The easiest thing to do will probably be to transfer your domain from wherever it's being held now to the dynamic DNS service so you can use their dynamic updater. I know no-ip.com allows you to do this, I'd assume DynDns allows you to as well.
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