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Dual boot Windows FLP and 2000

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Dual boot Windows FLP and 2000

Postby neevok » Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:46 am

On a pc, dual booting win98 on C with win2000 on D, I have replaced the C-partition with a Windows FLP-install.
I have kept all the root files in a backup.

It looked promising because WinFLP included a Win2000 entry in it's boot menu. However win2000 will not start unless I replace the NTLDR on C with the original one. But if I do this, now WinFLP does not boot unless I restore its NTLDR file.

I have tried making a copy of D:\WINNT\SYSTEM and D:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\Config on the C drive where WinFLP is installed in C:\Windows. (Because Win2000 complained about these folders during startup with the WinFLP NTLDR)

Any help is appreciated. If this cannot be resolved, is there a way in which I can have the bootloader swich the two NTLDR-files for me?

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Re: Dual boot Windows FLP and 2000

Postby JabbaPapa » Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:39 pm

hmmmmm, that's an interesting one...

It's certainly possible to dual-boot FLP with XP and later versions, because I've done it -- but the setup procedures of both FLP and 2k are non-standard compared to XP ; and W2k stopped being fully supported after 30 June 2005 ; but FLP was released after that date, so that there was no requirement that this new OS should support dual-boot with that Legacy version.

The only solution I can think of off the top of my head would involve using XP to get FLP and 2k talking with each other (the XP boot environment is compatible with both OS versions), and then uninstalling XP when you no longer needed it (but retaining the XP boot environment -- just deleting the XP entry in boot.ini and also the XP system files).

This is hardly ideal :(

It's difficult to provide any more detailed and knowledgeable advice frankly -- because this is the first FLP/2000 dual-boot project I'm aware of any member of this forum ever attempting... You and I may be the only members here to have even *used* FLP.

I'd guess that the ideal order of installation would be FLP (to C:) > 2000 (messing up FLP boot) (in order to avoid messing up your present W2000 setup you could install this to the partition you'll be using XP for) > XP (then add the needed boot entries into boot.ini ; then get rid of XP)

There's no guarantees this will work, I've never attempted any FLP/2000 dual-boot myself ; but XP is both retro-compatible with W2000 and forward-compatible with FLP, so there's a fighting chance.
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