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Dual Boot Vista then XP - Vista Drive disappeared ?!

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Dual Boot Vista then XP - Vista Drive disappeared ?!

Postby Patr1ck » Wed May 13, 2009 6:05 am


I wanted dual boot system on my computer to use some specific programs that are still not supported by VISTA. After defragmentation and some fixings I could make a partition on my C: drive where VISTA was installed. I formatted this partition (8,2 GB) NTFS and named it WINDOWSXP and gave it the letter E: - as I first try to install XP by booting with CD-Rom it showd me the option of the 2 drives (C: and D: <- not E:) and I choose the second one -

1. Issue: this drive was neither 8,2 GB but 131 GB big I didnt mind making it bigger (my original C: Drive which is 232 GB in total) and was not named at all.

So I formated again that drive (various intents because of some issues) and finally could install XP .. Made my updates etc... Everything fine.

As all the manuals for dual boot installation mention, Vista wont boot anymore after installing XP - so I didnt panic as I couldnt see even the DRIVE where my Vista instalation was. So the only drive I can see is my C: Drive where XP is installed and it is 128 GB big. My HD is 232 GB (available GB of 250GB).

I tried than as they mention in the manuals to put the VISTA CD in, start it and click on REPAIR to repair the boot sector - BUT:

2. Issue: as the window showed up where you have to click on the VISTA partition that you want to repair it doesnt appear - it offers you the option of "charging something" but nothing worked out.

*stolen software reference* or VistaBootpro had major issues and couldnt find or see neither any VISTA information ..

So my problem is that VISTA (and ALLLLLL my information I need) seems to exist on my HD because the space is still there BUT I cant get to it.

I have of course the option to select that space and make a new HD partition but then I suppose everything would be lost.

--- Any Ideas how to solve that ?

1. Maybe forcing the system to see Vista by manipulating the boot.ini or something like that ? Sounds crazy ..
2. Recovery software ?
3. ???

I REALLY REALLY REALLY apreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE comment .. I am not a newb ... I am advanced PC user since 20 years .. I read for a whole DAY forums and didnt find solutions...

Thx in advance.

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