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Dual Boot difficulties

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Dual Boot difficulties

Postby abujo » Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:19 am

On buying an HP Pavillion with Windows 7 preinstalled I wanted to double boot it with XP on a second HD, i did as recomended in the forum I installed XP on a second HD which had previously had been partitioned with all my XP partitions in my previous computor and selected an approprite partition to install the XP into. After installation I installed all XP drivers for my unit and used Dual boot pro to reistablish booting in Windows 7 all worked well but after a while booting into XP blocked and I ws forced to reinstall XP, but this time the dual boot screen on startup refused to start 7 and continuouisly restarted and on trying the XP button I got the following message

"Windows could not start, a recent modification of the softwre could bev the cause of this. To fix the problem:-
1 - Insert installation disk of Windows & restartthe unit.
2 - Chose the language parameters and click "next"
3 - Click on "Repair your computor".

File : \ntldr
Status : 0x000000f
Infos : Impossible to charge start option chosen as the application is absent or damaged.

I did as recomended and once again used Dualboot Pro and the the same thing happened another three times so now I am on XP and have not attempted to use Doubleboot Pro, and decided to ask for help.

Please note that when in window 7 my partion table is A:\System, C:\HP(windows 7), D:\WinXP
In XP the table is c:\System, K:\WinXP, U:\HP(windows 7

Please also answer me to my Email address <email address removed by Grav!ty so that it is not harvested by spammers>

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Re: Dual Boot difficulties

Postby NT50 » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:14 am

The System needs to contain the files for XP (boot.ini, ntldr, NTDETECT) all in the root of the System drive.
The System needs to contain a file (bootmgr) and a folder with contents (Boot) in order for Win 7 to boot.

You need to make sure all these are locted on the root of the System drive. You can then use DualBootPro to get you Win7 boot back. Once done you shoudl be able to see the boot menu at startup if Not use DualBootPro to add the entry. If you get a ntldr error then something is wrong with yoru computer pointing to the System drive. If you get a HALL.DLL error then the boot.ini is pointing to the wrong harddrive/partition.
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